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Kevin Noon

Chase, Goldendoodle, 5 months old male

From the moment we spoke with Cheryl we knew we were making a great decision. We were looking to send our 5 month old puppy (Chase) away for professional in home training. Talk Dog Toledo came highly recommended from multiple people. After doing our own research, we called Cheryl directly and had a terrific conversation. She was honest, informative, knowledgable and enthusiastic about her work. It was clear, this was the best place to send our puppy. We chose to do the "Dream Dog" 2 week sleep away option. This came with unlimited follow up training sessions, which was a great option for first time dog owners. From the second we dropped our dog off at Talk Dog Toledo, Cheryl quickly demanded the respect of our puppy. As I left, it was obvious, I was living our little guy in a loving and fun environment. After the 2 weeks passed, we arranged a pick up time for our puppy. Upon pick-up Cheryl spent plenty of time teaching US as owners. While we spoke, our puppy laid quietly, played with his toy and responded to all different commands Cheryl called out. We were blown away with how much of a change we noticed in such a short period of time. Our puppy no longer jumped on us, no longer snapped or chewed on our pant legs, he waited patiently for his food and was truly a "Dream Dog". While Cheryl made sure that we provided plenty of follow up training with our dog, she also made sure we were confident in our approach. A few days after returning home with our puppy, Cheryl called to check in and offer advice on some areas that we were struggling with. Likewise, in the weeks after leaving, she offered to meet up with us and provide some additional in person instruction. Our puppy was SO EXCITED to see her, which immediately let us know that he was treated with love and respect while staying at Talk Dog Toldeo.

We truly cannot say enough positive words about Talk Dog Toledo. The training was a first class experience for our dog and for us. For any dog owner looking to get their dog the proper training, Talk Dog Toledo is without a doubt the right place. Our dog returned home with the same loving and funny personality, but has become much more obedient and enjoyable to have in our house. While we are working every day to reinforce what Cheryl taught us, it is nice to know she is only a phone call away should we ever need some additional help or direction. We can't thank Cheryl and Talk Dog Toledo enough! Thank you! 

Dave & Sheila Wonders
Missy, Lab/Shepherd mix, 2 year old female
Were you pleased with your experience with Talk Dog Toledo - Yes
Tell us your story-  It is so unbelievable what Cheryl was able to accomplish in just a few hours with our dog, Missy. Missy was our adopted cruelty rescue dog and she has fear aggression. While Missy is very loving and sweet to my husband and me, she really dislikes our teenage son and most strangers. She would bark, bare her teeth and lunge at them. We were to the point of giving up. Our previous trainer was not able to resolve our problems. We shared this information with our vet, St. Francis Veterinary Hospital and were referred to Cheryl at Talk Dog Toledo. We hesitantly called Cheryl, thinking that if this training didn't work, we would have to find another home for Missy. I can't tell you how much progress we made in just a few short hours! By the end of the session, our son was able to walk Missy, feed her, lie on the floor next to her and cuddle her. It made me so emotional thinking we had almost given up on our sweet little dog. Cheryl will show you exactly how to "talk" to your pet and show you technics to reverse the fear in your dog. I would highly highly-highly recommend Cheryl to anyone who is looking for a change in their dog's behavior. We are SO grateful for her knowledge and compassion for dogs!!!!!!
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 Brian B.- Google- 5 stars-My trainer's name is Cheryl, and she is also the owner. She is awesome! She's very patient and very good with dogs and training the people which is really what's going on haha! I would definitely recommend her. Get your pups off to the right start, it works. These are my two dogs, Tucker is a year-and-a-half and he went through puppy 1 and puppy 2 with Cheryl,and Finn is 5 months, he is going to his third class on Sunday. They both loved it. Lots of fun for puppies, not to mention I have fun with all those puppies too hahaha! 

 Ann S.- Perrysburg-Thumbtack 5 star review-Cheryl is fantastic!! She ‘s a pro in teaching us dog talk so we can all live happier together 

 Travis P. Lattimore reviewed Talk Dog Toledo — 5 star

Our 6 month old Goldador Scout is wicked smart. Turns out he is too smart and started to do what he wanted to do. Sometimes not a good leash walker, jumping on the kitchen table, trying to mount the kids, and worst of all began "guarding" things around the house.

In just our 1st session, Cheryl was able to show us how to communicate the "rules" of our house to Scout. We saw immediate and sustained results and my wife and I are in more control (and on the same page!).
Scout is still learning, but we are so excited to continue to see his progress and learn even more at our next session!! 


Alexia Coffman 

Olivia, 12 year old female Whippet
Were you pleased with your experience with Talk Dog Toledo- Yes
Tell us your story:
We feared that we were going to have to put our sweet, anxiety-riddled Olivia down after an incident where she bit our toddler. At the recommendation of our Vet's office, we arranged for Cheryl to do an in home consultation before we made any decisions. Cheryl thoughtfully observed Olivia's interaction with my husband and I, our daughter and the other animals in the house and provided us with her expert opinion on why the bite occurred (Olivia was trying to train our daughter to not repeat the behavior she was exhibiting, much like a mommy dog would train her puppy), how Olivia feels about our daughter (protective and adoring), and how to adjust our lifestyle to prevent this behavior from repeating. We went from hopeless to optimistic in the span of an hour and we see the benefit of our time spent with Cheryl on a daily basis. Olivia and our daughter are able to maintain their relationship in a safe manner and Olivia can remain a part of our family. We are so grateful for Cheryl's help!
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Kimm Penn

5 stars! Cheryl helped me years ago with a dog I rescued. Doogie was seriously abused, neglected and had aggression issues. She helped me turn him around...yes, owners need to be trained as much as the dog! 


Lori Linkes
Max, MinPin mix, 1 year, male
Were you pleased with your experience with Talk Dog Toledo-Yes
Tell us your story
Our dog Max had a lot of fear issues with people outside of our family. He would react by growling or trying to bite them. Cheryl came in and, within 3 visits, had him comfortable around others. He is now able to be around others with no issues- something we never thought would happen. Cheryl even went the extra mile by showing us how to clip our birds' wings. Thank you so much for all your help and for going above and beyond!
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Faye Crawford- Toledo, OH- 5 stars
Hi, my name is Faye Crawford and I want everyone to know how highly ...I think of Cheryl as a trainer and person. I have a Belgium Malinois that was very hard to handle and I was thinking I had to give her up, but I got Cheryl and she performed miracles with Ziva, I still have Ziva and she has come a long way and it is due to the training she received from Cheryl. Cheryl would come out when I called her to correct a situation that we might have had. I cannot say enough about her! She is awesome!! Thank you, Faye

 Joan Sandlin- Toledo, OH 5 stars

Cheryl is a very helpful, patient teacher. Was very good with Daisy_ Taught me a lot in our few times together.  I noticed a difference right away. Thank you!!

 LeeAnn Simons Liebetreu reviewed Talk Dog Toledo — 5 star

We CANNOT say enough good things about our gal Cheryl!
She did such a good job with our puppy Harri. With her expertise and encouragement, she helped us to have a well mannered, polite dog.
He's only 7 months old & I am able to take him to work with me & not have to worry about him pestering anyone who might not be a dog lover (can you imagine?) Yet still engage with those who do.
Now granted, we had a great dog to begin with, but Cheryl made it so EVERYONE else thinks so too!

 Erin Gadway reviewed Talk Dog Toledo — 5 star
Cheryl is AMAZING! I only wish I could take her home with me to get Memphis to listen 100% of the time. I recommend her to anyone and everyone who is looking for training for any dog they have! 

Gail A.-Sylvania, OH- 5 stars
Cheryl gave specific activities to follow.  I understood as she clearly explained and demonstrated.  Cheryl did an excellent job in identification of the behavioral problems.  I have two dogs and she quickly figured out where the problem was. Excellent job!!!


we love these classes! they are a ton of fun and Cheryl is a fantastic instructor! We will definitely continue to use her in the advanced courses!

Jes Land- Bowling Green, OH
Female Pit Bull Puppy
Were you pleased with your experience with Talk Dog Toledo-Yes

We have a female Pit Bull puppy was very adamant that everyone who walked in the door should immediately pay attention to her. She would jump all over anyone who came in the door, including us. Cheryl came out and showed us a few ways to tweak our behavior and taught us a bit about our puppy's behavior. The tips and tricks she showed us has made such a huge difference! Our puppy no longer jumps on all our company and seems happier and more well adjusted. We enjoyed Cheryl so much that she is now our puppy sitter when we go on vacation :)
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Already Have 

Paige Michalski- Toledo, OH
Your dog: miniature schnauzers
Were you pleased with your experience with Talk Dog Toledo- Yes
Would you recommend Talk Dog Toledo? yes 


Barb Finke reviewed Talk Dog Toledo5 star

Anita Gee Herman —Montpelier, OH-

5 stars-I have a Labradoodle and at 5 months old she had food aggression (snapping, growling), which turned into aggression with anything I wanted to take from her. I was afraid to have her around my nieces and nephews. She would mark her territory in the house, talk back, ignore me, etc. Cheryl was just like the Dog Whisperer (as my sister said) Within, months I could take food away from her, any toys, she stopped barking back and no more marking! I would totally and completely recommend!!!!!!


Theresa Rupp - Whitehouse, OH— 5 stars

If you have dog issues, call Cheryl! She zeroed in on our dog's issues almost immediately. Honestly, within an hour we were witnessing a transformed dog...from nervous and insecure, to relaxed and eager to learn. Cheryl teaches good leadership techniques...that's what our 4-legged friends need. Our dog needed to know I AM IN CHARGE...you can relax now. For the first time in weeks, our dog didn't sleep under the bed. We are so happy. We have such peace knowing our dog is relaxed and enjoying life. Thank you Cheryl!


Mark Fitzpatrick — 5 stars

Great experience, highly recommended! Cheryl is very passionate about what she does and will load you with great techniques to help train your dog. You will not be disappointed.

Ashlee Tankoos —Sylvania, OH- 5 stars-Fantastic! I was amazed at how well my energetic Pitt/boxer mix did. Was 100% worth it!! 



Sarah Raymond Sharpe reviewed Talk Dog Toledo5 star
My puppy loves going to class and learned so much. Cheryl is so great understanding the individual needs of each dog. Highly recommend!

Faye Ricci Crawford — 5 stars

Cheryl Kubista is by far the best trainer. I had 2 different trainers before her and I can't even express how grateful I am to have found her. My Belgium Malinois was out of control and I was thinking of giving her away and I called for help and she came and saved the day!

 Teri Mcintire- Toledo, OH-  5 stars

Cheryl changed Our behavior to Duncan's door reactions and barking in 3 hours. She is amazing!


Codie Vail reviewed Talk Dog Toledo5 star

My husband and I had Cheryl out today for our dog JuneBug. It was amazing the change in June while Cheryl was here. She was calmer and more relaxed. We also had a cable repair man out shortly after she left and we had a few hiccups when the cable man came in the door, but this is the most relaxed and calm she has ever been with a stranger in the house. June normally barks and growls the entire time the unknown person is in the house. Today she barked for about 30 seconds and growled for about 10 minutes, then laid down and went to sleep. We are very satisfied with our service!

Carol Swartz
Rizzo-3 yr old terrier mix, male
Were you pleased with your experience with Talk Dog Toledo-Yes
Tell us your story
When I called Cheryl I was concerned with the pulling and barking towards other dogs and people. Now Cheryl is teaching me how to refocus Rizzo's attention away from the other dogs and back to me. Working with Cheryl has made an amazing difference. As I am getting to know Cheryl I am struck with her affection and respect for dogs. I cannot say enough about Cheryl as a person and professional.
Would you recommend Talk Dog Toledo?
Most definitely 


Paige Marie — 5 stars

Talk Dog Toledo dog training offered simple exercises and practical advice to address the problems we were having with our dogs. She spent nearly 3 hours with us making sure we understood the program and how to implement it on our own. In just the 2 days it's been since our session, my husband and I have noticed a difference in our dogs' behavior.


Becky R.- Toledo- 5 stars- 

I had a trainer in before Cheryl and that did not go well. I was referred to Cheryl and have to say what a huge difference in my dog! Not only did she help my dog but helped my household understand my dog. My dog is responding so well with Cheryl's techniques and suggestions.


Gayle Ashbridge- 5 Stars

Cheryl is absolutely the best - she helped me two years ago when my two females were not getting along and helped me yesterday with a new rescue that after one visit is shaping up on his walks - direct eye contact with me this morning! Thank you Cheryl!

 Jessica Bolla — 5 stars

Cheryl was AMAZING! Myself, my husband and our dog we all were on different pages and by the end of the first session today my husband and I were on the same page and the dog was catching on. I can't wait to keep working with our dog and Cheryl. I would recommend her to everyone! Thank you! 

Ellen Strba Scholl — 5 stars
We had such a great experience working with Cheryl and our two Wheaten Terriers. We no longer experience hysteria when someone comes to the door. They bark and with prodding, they stay back until allowed to greet our guests.
Walking on a lead is also much better. We don't get dragged down the street. We have also made improvement when meeting other dogs.Thank you Cheryl! 


Debbie Porkarski-Toledo, OH- 5 stars

Thank you for taking the extra time to help Cowgirl and I! I really appreciate your help making a better owner/mommy to our girl.


Kelly Termin- 5 stars

Cheryl was wonderful with us! It wasn't our rescue Frazier that needed training! He took to her training like it was natural and he has stopped guarding us with people at the door and is so proud of himself. We are a very happy family, especially Frazier.


Kathy Miller reviewed Talk Dog Toledo- 5 stars 

Our newly adopted Corgi/Aussie cattle dog mix gets better everyday as we consistently employ the strategies that Cheryl explained to us. We assumed that Blossom knew that WE were going to protect HER. Not the case, of course.

We saw a big behavior improvement within 24 hours of Cheryl's first visit. She trained Blossoms's humans well.

Nicole Jardine  — 5 stars

Cheryl is the best. She helped me with my leash reactive dog when I got her. Thank you!

Watts Jolie reviewed Talk Dog Toledo — 5 stars
The BEST.....Caring, passionate and giving. A compassion for animals that is incredible. Cheryl is actually just as compassionate about your dog as you are.... 

Missie Jarrett reviewed Talk Dog Toledo — 5 stars
Has taught me and my dogs so much! Amazing the changes I have seen since talking classes! 


Carol Swartz-Oregon, OH 

Your dog: 3 yr old terrier mix, male
Were you pleased with your experience with Talk Dog Toledo-Yes

When I called Cheryl I was concerned with the pulling and barking towards other dogs and people. Now Cheryl is teaching me how to refocus Rizzo's attention away from the other dogs and back to me. Working with Cheryl has made an amazing difference. As I am getting to know Cheryl I am struck with her affection and respect for dogs. I cannot say enough about Cheryl as a person and professional.

Would you recommend Talk Dog Toledo? Most definitely 


Judy McFarland- Toledo, OH- Levi, 2 years and Tobias, 3 years
Were you pleased with your experience with Talk Dog Toledo Yes
Tell us your story Cheryl is amazing. Her method is very different than other local trainers and her results are far better. We've been to 3 other trainers and, even though we worked hard at training, saw minimal results. In only one session with Cheryl, we saw significant improvement - it was unbelievable. She made the training fun and worked well with the dogs. There was no force or negative pressure used and the dogs responded very positively. I would highly recommend her. Trust me, if you want to save a lot of time and frustration, Cheryl is your answer. I'm still amazed at how much we were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. Life is already much better at our house. Thank you, Cheryl!
Would you recommend Talk Dog Toledo? Absolutely, 100%! 

Brittney Strauss reviewed Talk Dog Toledo — 5 stars 


Deborah Knight, Toledo, OH--5 Stars

Cheryl Kubista is a fantastic trainer. We have a Dalmatian mix, rescue who Cheryl was able to train and we have maintained her process. Our dog is pleasant and a joy to be around, thanks to her good works! 5 star all the way!

Kathy Cada, Bryan, OH — 5 stars
I have a very sweet dog but when he gets focused there's no getting him back. Cheryl drove over an hour to help me regain control of our little pack and now I'm in control. She has a lot of simple tweeks to daily living that makes a big difference in how your dog behaves and in turns respects you. This was a great experience for me and my dog, who loved Cheryl. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks so much!!!! 


Ann Marie reviewed Talk Dog Toledo — 5 stars

Cheryl was fantastic with our boys. After the first session we learned how to communicate more effectively with our boys, Casey and Eli. They have quickly learned the rules for walking, going outside, greeting guests and so much more. We are so much happier together. What a difference she made!!


Michael Mahnke reviewed Talk Dog Toledo5 stars
I was amazed to learn what we were doing wrong that led to our dogs behavior issues. After the first 3 hours I am sure we are back on track to being seen as our 2 dogs pack leader. Can not recommend Cheryl enough. She was in command of the dogs from the first minute it was impressive to see.   Last of 3 in homes today the change in our dogs from day 1 is unbelievable. Cheryl did things I did not think would be possible with our 4 year old and our 1 year old fell right into place. 

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