Private Dog Training

Any age, any breed, any problem


We will work with you to solve the problems that you are having with your dog.   We work on manners and behavioral problems not just obedience.  Our dog training is customized to your dogs needs

at our facility or your home


You come to our dog trainer at our  2,880 square foot indoor facility or dog training at your home where the problems are happening.

One on one Training

Private training customized to meet your dogs individual needs.  No cookie cutter approach here.     TALK DOG TOLEDO Dog Training teaches you how to be a fair and trustworthy leader in your dogs eyes.  This leads to a dog that respects you and what you are asking.  

Our big news

Talk Dog Toledo opened our new facility in Woodville, OH at the end of 2018.  We now have the ability to work with you in any weather conditions.  Whether private or group classes we are here to help.

Real Life Training

TALK DOG teaches you how to communicate with your dog in everyday life situations.  This way your dog starts to make appropriate choices when things happen.    TALK DOG training teaches your dog to make choices for themselves.  If you always tell them what to do, they never learn to make right decisions.  

Training Packages

No dog will be enrolled that is extremely aggressive.  If it is determined that this dog is a danger to itself or others, Talk dog will not accept as a client. Talk Dog Toledo does not claim to *fix* aggression.